Three Castles
Three Castles

These three rocky ramparts stand out of the desert plains, a few miles from the 1000 foot high escarpment of the Gilf Kebir plateau that can be seen to the East.

They were named by Laslo Almasy, during his expeditions to find the lost oasis of Zerzura at the beginning of the 1930s. They have been a convenient landmark to travellers in this land ever since. Almasy used this site as a cache for fuel and water and was famously to make use of them during 'Operation Salaam' in WWII, when he drove down from Axis held Tripoli and then turned East over the Aqaba Pass through the Gilf Kebir to deposit two German spies into Allied occupied Egypt.

In "War Gold", the hero's life is saved as he finds a cache of water at the foot of the central rampart.

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