Gravel Cairn
This was one of a number of landmarks used by the Long Range Desert Group during the desert war as a fuel dump and rendezvous point. It is basically a small, gravelly hillock on the boundary of the serir, where the going is fast and easy, and the Great Sand Sea, where travel is slow and difficult. The fuel would appear to have been stored on the top of the hillock to act as a beacon. The numerous tracks of the LRDG trucks as they ran up the gently sloping sides of the hillock to refuel are still there, and will be there for hundreds of years yet.

Also still there is the rubbish and detritus left by the LRDG units as they camped at Gravel Cairn (see below). A lot of the food eaten there - and the wine - would appear to have been of Italian origin 'liberated' from Kufra when it was taken in March 1941. But a jar of Marmite was also found there, still with some Marmite left inside. (Marmite is a savory spread much loved in Britain, but somewhat scorned elsewhere. It is probably something you have to grow up with to really enjoy. But as lovers of Marmite will know, it is almost impossible to get all the spread out of the little oval pots.)

Gravel Cairn is visited during the narative in "War Gold"

Gravel Cairn

Gravel Cairn Rubbish

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