Chianti Camp

Chianti Camp This was Lazlo Almasy's base during his campaigns to locate the 'Zerzura Oasis' in the early 1930s. The camp got its name when in 1932, Almasy's expedition ran out of water and Almasy had to make the journey from their camp on the edge of the Gilf Kebir to Kufra Oasis, some 400 kilometres away to the North East to get water. To say this was a hazardous journey is an understatement - nobody had ever made the journey to Kufra in a motor car from the West before. However, Almasy succeeded and moreover, returned to their camp loaded down with the necessary water, plus chickens and many bottles of Chianti wine with which they celebrated their reprieve.

The detritus around the campsite - included the empty Chianti bottles - were a landmark for many years. Now, sadly, it has all disappeared.

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