Aqaba Pass

Lazlo AlmasyDiscovered in 1932 by the Hungarian Explorer Lazlo Almasy during his quest for the Lost Oasis of Zerzura, Aqaba (difficult) Pass remains the main route from the East, getting down off the plateau, and the main way to get onto the plateau from the desert plains to the East.

During the Desert War, Almasy famously made use of the pass in "Operation Salama" when delivering two German spies into Egypt from Axis occupied Libya.

Aqaba Pass

The Pass was mined during WWII and there are persistent rumours that the pass is still mined. But if it is, the people who have walked and the cars which have zig-zagged their way up the full width of the sandy incline in their hundreds since the war have yet to awaken any of the deadly slumbering pancakes.

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Tibu hut circle

Perched at the rim of the Pass, the inquisitive will find a circle of stones which once held down the shelter of a Tibu nomad.

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