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Camp at Karkur Talh
Travels in the Sahara Desert
I have been on a number of trips into the deep Sahara and each one has been a deeply satisfying experience, I have to say. The first trip was to see a total eclipse of the sun in March of 2006. The line across the planet along which the totality could be seen started at West Africa and arced across the Libyan Desert and out into the Mediterranen. An administrative cock-up meant that our offical tour into the Libyan desert to see the eclipse at its peak was cancelled at the last minute - we could not cross into Libya from the Egyptian border town of Sollum. We could have stayed in Sollum and seen the eclipse, but even the stray dogs which roamed the town found difficulty in finding a place to rest their paws - the place was packed.

So, we headed down to Siwa Oasis and used a route pioneered by the Long Range Desert Group in 1941 to sneak across the border into Libya, and so into an area in the path of totality where we could watch our eclipse in the peace and tranquil setting of the infinite desert.

That was the first of many adventures I have had in the desert and which inspired my first fictional novel, "War Gold".

Why don't you join me on a tour around the Egyptian Western desert? See some of the sights I have gazed on myself, and visit some of the places where I have poured desert sand out of my shoes, many of which featue in "War Gold". You don't have to go in person though, just click below to be transported instantly to an alien landscape a world away!

The 'Tour' follows a route from Cairo to Siwa via Alexandria and Marsa Martruh, and then South through the Great Sand Sea to the Gilf Kebir, just as Peter and Hillary followed in "War Gold". The map is clickable in areas of interest, which will bring up a new page with a detailed description of the area. The Gilf Kebir can be clicked on and brough up as a separate detailed map, which itself has clickable areas of interest.

Tour of the Wester Desert