Harold Scot, Past and Present

After gaining my degrees at Imperial College in London, I spent ten years researching the atomic physics of hot plasmas (such as you would find on the surface of the sun, or in an atomic bomb). But academia palled and I decided to set up a small precision engineering company in the Borders of Scotland.

Harold Scot's house I now live with two cats in the remote Scottish countryside. It is so remote here that the skies are the darkest in the UK and a new astronomical telescope facility has been built nearby. Too, the nearest cell phone mast is too far away for cell phones to work in this area. Wildlife abounds and deer come out of the forest to nibble at the shrubs and bushes in my garden. When it snows, it is fascinating to see just how many animals are wandering around the area. So, those are the good things about living twenty miles from the nearest town of any size. The downside is that it is a forty mile round trip to get a bottle of milk!