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War Gold sample

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Early in 1941, the men of a Long Range Desert Group unit are sheltering under their truck during an intense sand storm deep in the Libyan desert, when a crippled German plane passes low overhead and crashes nearby. But fate decrees that the plane and its cargo, two tons of Nazi gold, lay undisturbed in the desert wastes for another sixty five years. The eventual revelation of the gold's location ignites a race across the desert between the son of the plane's pilot, now a prominant neo-Nazi who means to sieze the gold to fund his political ambitions; and the grand-daughter of the LRDG truck commander, who means to stop him. She seeks the help of a maverick Egyptologist with intimate knowledge of the desert - and a young girl with a battered yellow Land Cruiser....

Published by Pisces Press, available as an Amazon Kindle ebook